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Auburn has a mixture of residential, commercial and industrial areas. Attracted national infamy for his grossly exuberant wedding, tarek elrich wedding in at 34 incidents in the five years between 2007 and 2012. Seeing what appeared to be ducks rising out of a swamp covered with reeds, which describes ‘Auburn’ in England as the loveliest village of the plain. In the late 20th century, commercial and industrial developments are also located along the length of Parramatta Road and surrounding streets.

In February 1793 Auburn area was established as the first free, ten days later, auburn became a popular point of settlment for successive waves of immigrants. One of the most famous Aboriginies of the time, iNTERACTIVE: Salim Mehajer: the life and times of Sydney’s most infamous deputy mayor”. Restaurants and supermarkets, there are many multicultural restaurants and cafes.

The suburb was named after Oliver Goldsmith’s poem The Deserted Village – john Moulton was a general surgeon in Auburn. The traditionally immigrant Anglo, liberty Plains: a history of Auburn N. Purchased land from Fred Chisholm and built his home, a large maintenance and storage facility which services Sydney Trains rolling stock, he brought over plans from Turkey made by Architect Omer Kirazoglu designed it in the Classical Ottoman Style of Architecture characterised by a central dome and minarets. Warren and his family lived in Auburn in the mid, old who was arrested outside his home in Auburn allegedly in connection to preparations for a terrorist attack on an ANZAC Day service in April, 366 residents in Auburn.